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Online Resources
Private Pilot Online Ground School

This is an all-inclusive online ground school system specifically designed for Ace Aviation our aircraft and surrounding airspace. This self-paced course is designed to guide you through passing the FAA Written Exam as well as helping the student prepare for upcoming lessons and ultimately the knowledge portion of the FAA Check ride.

Click on the link to view sample lessons and sign up today. 

Private Pilot Airman Certification Standards

​This is the resource that states line item by line item what the applicant will be tested on during the practical test and check ride.  It is here you will find all of the required subject knowledge areas and specific tolerances allowed on each maneuver during your check ride.
Airplane Flying Handbook

Here is where you will find the explanations, FAA tolerances and common errors for each maneuver listed in the ACS.  Go here to prepare and review you flight maneuvers before each flight.  This is where all the fundamentals of flying begin!
Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge

Any additional information and knowledge areas such as Aeromedical Factors, Aircraft Systems, Basic Weather Theory, etc.  can be found in this resource.  The PHAK is a great tool to build a foundation for basic pilot knowledge.

This is where you will come to register your personal information with the FAA.  You will need to first create a user account and then log in and apply for a students pilots license. You will require verification from your flight instructor before a student license can be received.  This does not have to be completed before flight training can be received but does have to be completed before any solo activities can be conducted.  

Schedule Your FAA Medical Exam

Before a student can act as pilot in command they must have a flight physical by an Aeromedical Examiner.  You can search for aeromedical examiners near you by using the website and search tool.  I Personally use Dr. Alan Kozarsky.  He is located in the Atlanta and Cartersville area.  Follow the link to the right I have provided and you will be guided through a step by step process to attain your FAA medical certificate.  

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FAA Resources