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About Ace Aviation 
My name is Ryan Underwood and I am the founder of Ace Aviation Seminars.  I began my journey in the aviation industry at the age of 15 and learned to fly at a small flight school in Rome GA.   In 2005 I moved to Daytona Beach, FL to continue my education at Phoenix East Aviation where I later became a flight instructor.  In 2007 I began flight instructing at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and attained my degree in professional aeronautics.  I served as an assistant training manager to the university and worked with other university employees to create and improve the curriculum for students.  

I later became employed by Express Jet as a First Officer on the Embraer 145.  After working in the airline industry I began to realize just how vast our profession can be.  There are so many avenues aviation can take you down from private flying to airline flying.   It was during this time that I decided to share my experiences and love of aviation with my fellow aviators and the idea for Ace Aviation Services was born.  

At Ace Aviation our goal is to provide each and every pilot, no matter what the experience level, with the highest quality instruction and information available anywhere in the industry. Aviation training is an ongoing process and it is up to the pilot to stay up to date and informed on the changes with new technology as well as stay proficient with skills that have already been acquired.  Ace Aviation makes this possible by providing pilots from all backgrounds and experience levels with the information needed to stay informed, safe, and proficient.

At Ace Aviation we strive to make the industry a safe environment on all levels and share the latest information with all of our fellow pilots.  When you graduate from our course you will fly away feeling INFORMED, SAFE, and CONFIDENT.    

Ryan Underwood 
Owner/ Instructor 
Overall, A+ on the course and its relevance, helpfulness and format.

Was the class helpful - Very much so. It was just what I needed at my given moment in the process of attaining my ppl. It was right on point. Ryan stuck straight to the PTS. It was perfectly relevant.
I have no suggestions for ways to improve the class. That is a big endorsement; because, I would offer improvement suggestions if I had any. I would like to offer a few bullet points below as to things about the course that I felt were particularly strong:

- Ryan got through all of the material, kept it moving forward
- Ryan was positive and encouraging in demeanor, good teaching
- the slide show was terrific, graphic examples were profound, very good
- set up was excellent, tables, chairs, screen, projector almost worked:-). Very good set up for success.
- I thought the grilling lunch made it fun, casual and kept us in the hanger so we could keep moving and get through all the material. Good thinking. That gave us just a bit of social time which I think was good for every one too. I learn a lot by talking to other pilots.

Good job and thank you for putting that together. It certainly was just what I needed to give me a little confidence to go into my oral, and more importantly, to go forth and be a safe and knowledgeable pilot, crossing my Ts and dotting my Is.

With appreciation,

Frank Chambless
Private Pilot and Aircraft Owner
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